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Joanne Lesko

Sales Representative

Phone: 204.885.5500
Fax: 204.885.6600
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About Me: Trusting me to help with any real estate needs, will not be the normal experience. I guide and educate along every step of the way, and am interested in getting to really know you so I can really assist you. My goal is to provide you all of the tools to make the best decision for you, while providing superior service.

Cindi French

Sales Representative

Phone: 204.885.5500
Cell: 204.955.9667
Fax: 204.885.6600
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Designations: ReloPro, CRES
About Me: Love your job? I do. Getting people into living spaces they love is an incredible way to spend your day. I prefer a non pressure approach. My job is to educate, it is always up to the client to decide where, when and how much.

Tara King


Phone: 204.885.5500
Fax: 204.885.6600
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About Me: When you make the important decision to buy or sell a home, I am committed to going the extra mile to ensure that all of your needs are successfully met in a professional and honest manner.

Mission Statement

When it comes to real estate, we're passionate, we're committed, and we're dedicated, and we want to work for you.
To us this is more than just a real estate transaction. 

We break the barrier of agent / client relationship and turn it into making a new friend and helping you find your dream home or sell your existing home.

Welcome to our corner of the web, and we invite you to look around and look forward to meeting over a coffee soon. 


Growing up in a small town, Joanne learned the most valuable lessons in life from her parents - never to burn any bridges, and to treat people the way she wanted to be treated. These two simple rules have defined her life, and are two rules she will always live by.

Joanne Lesko has been a real estate agent in Winnipeg, Manitoba since 2000. Joanne never imagined entering the professional world of real estate until she was influenced by an amazing female real estate agent, who gave her the courage to "give it a try", and she did!

The rest is history. Today, Joanne's success as a well known and respected real estate agent in the city of Winnipeg brings 80% of her business through word of mouth, repeat clients and referrals.

When given the opportunity to sit down with someone who has given you, what Joanne believes to be a true honor of helping them with one of the biggest transactions they will make in their lives, it's something she takes very seriously.

"I truly love what I do", and when a person walks into the house of their dreams, and she sees that look in their eyes, Joanne instantly feels the gratification of...making a difference!


After a long career in Sales and Business management, selling Real Estate is like a vacation for Cindi.

I truly dislike it when someone tries to pressure me and I really hated management having that expectation of me treating my clients that way.

Real Estate is a passion for me and being my own boss allows me to chose my own selling style.
I love my job and love getting people into living spaces they are excited about. Its awesome and I would never give it up. 

I prefer a non pressure approach. I feel my job is to educate, and the clients is to decide where, when and how much.


I launched into real estate sales in 2004 and never looked back.  
With a genuine drive and sincere commitment to provide exceptional service, my goal is to provide client service that will far exceed your expectation. There is no substitute for enthusiasm!   

Combined with my mission is to provide my clients with a straight forward honest approach.  You can always expect the most loyal and considerate assistance as my business is only successful when my clients are satisfied. 

I am pleased to provide value and service, long after your home is sold.